Top Tips for Writing 'Show Do Not Just Tell' Examples

24 Sep

It is advisable that when you are writing a narrative, novel, or any other piece of writing, you show rather than just telling. Allow the reader to decide when they are impressed by a certain event or character. This is better than convincing them to like a particular thing that you are writing about. You want your piece of writing to be understood by your targeted readers so that it can be successful, so make sure you show and not just tell. To achieve this perspective in your writing, make sure you consider the following important factors when writing. Read more at this website.

The first tip is being specific with your details so as to clearly bring out your point. You do not have to write a boring narrative or novel that your readers cannot understand your reason for writing it. It is advisable that when showing your point, you use specific details like personal stories or even statistics. This will help you to effectively drive the message home.

Secondly, it is important that you give your audience a reason to discover your inner emotions. If you want to convey technical messages to your reader, simply tell them and get done with them. But if you want to engage the audience's mind, imagination, and heart, it is important that you show with clear details.

Thirdly, it is wise to ensure that your audience gets involved in your piece of writing. Encourage them to do so by showing details that illustrate the main point. These details keep the audience to imagine of what you are trying to say. As a result, the imagination pushes them to keep on reading.

It is important that you use an emotional language when writing your novel, narrative, or any other piece of writing. The emotional language brings out an illustration of your main point. In addition, it makes the audience ego imagine of what you are trying to depict in your piece of writing.

Telling your reader is all about stating facts and observations. But showing them your main point creates an in-depth understanding in them. This is because the latter creates a more clearly emotional image that a reader can understand or relate with. Lastly, it is important to note that showing is mostly related to being specific than general. You want to engage your readers, so being specific is better than being general. Being general does not bring out the imagination and understanding you want in your targeted audience.

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